Wilfred Sumani and Peter Knox (eds.), The JOY of LOVE Made Simple for Christian Couples, Pastors, Youth and Laity (Nairobi, Kenya: Paulines, 2016).

The Joy Of Love

This volume is a contribution from Hekima University College to the pastoral methodology of Amoris Laetitia, to help the church in Africa fully embrace Pope Francis’s methodology. The format of this book is simple: it identifies the core themes, pastoral implications, and key quotes to assist readers understand and apply the message of the exhortation. As a pastoral guide, it is intended to be easily accessible, digestible, and applicable. The primary target audience are pastors and lay Christians. It is divided into sections corresponding to the chapters of Amoris Laetitia.

Each contributor focuses on a particular section and addresses the following questions: What is the central message of this section? What are the pastoral implications and steps called for in this section? What are the key quotes from this section? As readers will discover, the commentary is rendered in simple language but is insightful and stimulating for further engagement with the text and conversations. All the contributors are lecturers at Hekima University College, with the exception of George Macharia, SJ, who has recently graduated from the College.