Johny Thachuparamban, CMI, MSc, STL, STD, PhD

Scripture: New Testament

Academic Background:         

BSc and MSc (Mathematics) (Kerala India);

BTh (Bangalore, India) ; M Rel Stud, MTh, STL, STD,  PhD (KU Leuven).

Areas of Research:                

Matthean studies, Quelle  (Q) studies (Synoptic Gospels) and Johannine Literature

Courses Currently Offered    

Core courses:       

  • Introduction to New Testament and Synoptics,
  • Johannine Literature


  • Parables in Synoptics/Miracles in Synoptics


  • Dynamic Understanding of Discipleship in Synoptics/ Luke- Acts


(a) Books:

Thachuparamban, Jesus and the Law in the Matthean Community: A Source- and Redaction-Critical Study of Mt 5:38-48, Delhi, 2011.

(b) Articles:

i) “The Origin and Development of Messianic Thinking: Towards Building a Bridge Between Christianity and Judaism on the 40th Anniversary of Nostra Aetate”, in Vidyajyothi 69 (2005), 888-903

 ii)  “A Critique on the Position and Wording of the Golden Rule in Q (Q 6,31),” in Bible Bhashyam 35 (2009) 229-266.

(iii)  “Jesus vs. Torah: A Redaction-Critical Study of the Antithetical Formula,” in Bible Bhashyam 35 (2009) 229-266.

(iv)  “Greater Righteousness and Perfection in the Matthean Community: A Redaction-Critical Study of Mt 5:43-48.” in Bible Bhashyam (2010) 283-320.

(v) “”Church in Africa- Emergence  of an Indigenous African Christianity,  (forthcoming), 2017.


(i) SBL conference in Leuven, Matthean studies (2009)

(ii) SBL conference in Leuven, Book of Revelation (2015).


Visiting Faculty

Rev. Prof. Raphael Wanjohi, PhB, MA, PhD, D.Min  Moral Theology

Rev. Miguel Angelo Garcia, SJ, SSL, SSD  Scripture: Old Testament

Rev. Joseph Mpala Ngulu, STL, STD  Church History

Rt. Rev. Rodrigo Mejia, SJ, Ph. L, STD  Pastoral Theology

Rev. Joseph Mpala Ngulu, STL, STD Church History

Dr. Robert Lezohupski, OFM  Canon Law

Dr. Sr. Noelina Nakato   Canon Law

Rev. Chrispine Ouma  Pastoral Theology

Mr. Maurice Owinyo  Scripture

Sr. Mary Nzilani Wambua   Scripture

Prof. Albert Mundele, STD   Scripture

Rev. Dr. Nicholas Segeja   Pastoral Theology

Rev. Dr. Patrick Thawale   Sacramental Theology

Prof. Jean-Claude Loba   Scripture

Rev. Joseph Healey, MM, Mth, MA   Pastoral Theology